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About Adeodatus


Adeodatus is a nonprofit organization dedicated to nurturing and renewing Catholic liberal education. Through a vibrant array of initiatives — including conferences, community-building, publications, consulting, and due diligence — we support educators and leaders devoted to enriching the educational landscape.


At Adeodatus, we believe in the transformative power of education rooted in Catholic tradition. We aim to invigorate this educational philosophy by connecting scholars, educators, and leaders who are at the forefront of its renewal in America.

Initiatives and Projects


Adeodatus Conferences on Catholic Education & Culture are keystone events held every
two years to bring together leaders in Catholic education to speak on a variety of topics
related to educational renewal.

Catholic Culture

One of the things that sets Adeodatus apart is our focus on culture. We know that
education doesn’t stop outside the classroom. It is part of an entire way of life, and it
needs to be reinforced and supplemented with beautiful art, music, and literature.


Our book imprint at Catholic Education Press of the Catholic University of America will publish both standalone titles, as well as a multi-volume Handbook on Catholic Education & Culture

Partnerships & Community Building

our mission extends beyond creating a vibrant
Adeodatus community of Catholic educators to fostering a community of communities.

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Unlock the treasures of Catholic liberal education with exclusive access to Adeodatus’ extensive content library. By purchasing a subscription, you gain unparalleled access to a wealth of knowledge captured from our renowned conferences and expert-led courses.

Conference Videos:

Relive the insightful presentations and discussions led by key figures in Catholic education. Each video is professionally recorded, ensuring you don’t miss a moment of these enlightening sessions.

Catholic Culture Curriculum:

Our courses are designed to deepen your understanding of Catholic liberal education principles, pedagogy, and history. Learn at your own pace with our comprehensive video modules and accompanying materials.
Whether you’re an educator seeking inspiration, a leader looking to refine your institution’s curriculum, or a lifelong learner eager to explore the depths of Catholic educational traditions, our content library is your gateway to a richer educational experience.

Purchase Now and begin your journey into the heart of Catholic liberal education. Enhance your knowledge, enrich your teaching, and connect with a community of passionate educators.

Forthcoming Books

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Words Made Flesh
Specific Titles May Change, Covers are Mock-ups | Final Covers May Differ


"There is a quiet but powerful renewal happening in the world of Catholic Liberal Education. You won’t want to miss the First Adeodatus Conference on Catholic Education & Culture, which will gather the “best of the best” of the leaders in this exciting renewal. This is a must-attend conference for those who want to immerse themselves in this great tradition!"
The Most Reverend James D. Conley, DD, STL,

The Most Reverend James D. Conley, DD, STL,

Bishop of Lincoln

"One can only stand in awe of the extraordinary work that Adeodatus is doing today. Nothing is more important for our Church and for our culture than the reawakening of a deeply faithful and intellectually robust educational mission that Adeodatus and its partners are carrying out."<
Gil Bailie

Gil Bailie

Author of Violence Unveiled; God's Gamble; and The Apocalypse of the Sovereign Self (2023), Founder of The Cornerstone Forum

“I am very excited to the have St. Andrew Church at the heart of the Adeodatus Conference, as the church is the heart of all our educational endeavors. This is a terrific line-up of speakers, going both broad and deep on the sources of Catholic education and its ongoing renewal!”
Fr. Marcos Gonzalez

Fr. Marcos Gonzalez

Pastor, St. Andrew Church, Pasadena

“When conferences bring together great thinkers around a vital topic, they have the power to shape and accelerate emerging trends, sometimes in an unexpectedly powerful way. With a stunning slate of speakers converging on the country's biggest archdiocese, the inaugural Adeodatus conference promises to be both an intellectual and cultural feast, and a catalyst for the ongoing renewal of Catholic education in America.”
Trevor Cribben Merrill

Trevor Cribben Merrill

Imitatio and CalTech


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