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The First Adeodatus Conference
on Catholic Education and Culture

Major Sources of Catholic Education and its Renewal

Addressing the Fundamentals of Catholic Education

Practically | For Primary & Secondary Educators & Leaders,

with All Friends of Catholic Education Welcome

June 21 – 24, 2023 | Pasadena, California

Major Announcements:

We Gratefully Welcome:

The Most Reverend José H. Gomez,

The Very Reverend Dom Elias Carr, can.reg. &

The Most Reverend Timothy E. Freyer, d.d.

to Celebrate Adeodatus Conference Masses

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Drinking with the Saints Cocktail:

Mike & Alexandra Foley have crafted The Adeodatus Cocktail, which will be served at our opening reception on June 21.

The Adeodatus is a pear-flavored cocktail that echoes Lady Continence & Lady Wisdom from Drinking with the Saints. Coming soon: Mike & Alexandra’s video on the cocktail.

Watch this space!

Video Library Bonus:

A lively conversation between Andrew Kern & Andrew Seeley on epic literature and its educational importance. One of the two Andrews may make a strong canonical case for Tolkien.

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The Most Reverend James D. Conley, DD, STL, Bishop of Lincoln

“There is a quiet but powerful renewal happening in the world of Catholic Liberal Education. You won’t want to miss the First Adeodatus Conference on Catholic Education & Culture, which will gather the “best of the best” of the leaders in this exciting renewal. This is a must-attend conference for those who want to immerse themselves in this great tradition!”

Gil Bailie, author of Violence Unveiled; God's Gamble; and The Apocalypse of the Sovereign Self (2023); and founder of The Cornerstone Forum.

“One can only stand in awe of the extraordinary work that Adeodatus is doing today. Nothing is more important for our Church and for our culture than the reawakening of a deeply faithful and intellectually robust educational mission that Adeodatus and its partners are carrying out.”

Fr. Marcos Gonzalez, Pastor, St. Andrew Church, Pasadena

“I am very excited to the have St. Andrew Church at the heart of the Adeodatus Conference, as the church is the heart of all our educational endeavors. This is a terrific line-up of speakers, going both broad and deep on the sources of Catholic education and its ongoing renewal!”

Trevor Cribben Merrill, Imitatio and CalTech

“When conferences bring together great thinkers around a vital topic, they have the power to shape and accelerate emerging trends, sometimes in an unexpectedly powerful way. With a stunning slate of speakers converging on the country’s biggest archdiocese, the inaugural Adeodatus conference promises to be both an intellectual and cultural feast, and a catalyst for the ongoing renewal of Catholic education in America.”

Joshua Hren, co-founder of the MFA at UST (Houston) & founder of Wiseblood Books

“The Adeodatus Conference on Catholic Education and Culture has assembled a seemingly impossible range of speakers. By bringing such scintillating minds in the same pace, Adeodatus has created the conditions for cross-pollinating insights and practical tactics to surpass the constrictive chore of what today passes for schooling and, more importantly, give us a vision of education that is cosmically Catholic.”

Margarita Mooney Clayton, Princeton

“Tradition and authority in Catholic education, rightly understood, will lay the foundation for renewing American culture. Don’t miss the Adeodatus Conference to find out how to bring the beauty of Catholicism to an educational system in crisis.”

Pater Edmund Waldstein, O.Cist.

“Our world is in urgent need of the transformative light of the truth, which illuminates the mind and satisfies the heart. We therefore need a renewal of Catholic education from its deepest sources so that that light can pierce the shadows that encompass us, and reach the hearts and minds of our young people. As its name implies, Adeodatus is a Godsend for such renewal.”


Pater Edmund Waldstein

Ron McArthur & The Berquists

Fr. Robert Spitzer

St. Ignatius Loyola & the Ratio Studiorum

Michael Naughton

Don briel & Catholic Studies

David P. Deavel

St. Benedict

Dale Ahlquist

G.K. Chesterton

Fabio Reali

St. Francis

Margarita Mooney Clayton

Jacques Maritian &.Luigi Giussani

Andrew T. Seeley

Christopher Dawson

Paul Shrimpton

St. John Henry Newman

David M. Whalen

John Senior

Deal W. Hudson

Mortimer Adler & Jacques Barzun

R. J. Snell

Bernard Lonergan

Fr. Sebastian Walshe

Charles De Koninck

Josef Froula

St. Dominic & St. Thomas Aquinas

R. Jared Staudt

Education in the Bible

James Matthew Wilson


Michael Waldstein

Jesus the Teacher & The Holy Spirit, Advocate

Andrew Kern

Homer and Virgil

Edward Feser


Michael P. Foley

St. Augustine

Arthur Hippler

The Church’s Teaching on Education

Joe Heschmeyer

St. John Baptist de la Salle & St. John Bosco

Jeffrey S. Lehman

Augustine Institute

David Clayton



Brandon Cook

About Adeodatus

Adeodatus is an educational nonprofit organized to support the ongoing renewal of Catholic liberal education through conferences, community-building, publication, consulting, and due diligence.

Our first major project is a three-year cycle of conferences on the sources, methods, curricula, and cultures of American Catholic liberal education.

In 2023, we will trace the major sources of Catholic liberal education and celebrate the key figures in its renewal in America over recent decades. Each talk will focus on the practical importance of a major source in the Catholic educational tradition for teachers and school leaders today.

In 2024, we will again take up Catholic educational principles (have already seen their place in the educational philosophies and practices of our major figures), and reflect on themes, curricula, pedagogy, and culture.

And in 2025, we will gather dozens of educators, leaders, and creators – teachers, headmasters, superintendents, pastors, artists, writers, and philosophers of education – for wide-ranging conversations to share their wisdom and advice for the future of Catholic education and culture.

We will be staging cultural events at each conference, including concerts, plays, and newly commissioned artworks.

In addition to a stellar lineup of keynote speakers for the 2023 conference, we are thrilled to partner with artist, author, and iconographer David Clayton for a fundraising talk/demonstration to support the creation of a Catholic Sacred Arts Academy by Brandon Cook here in Los Angeles.

Mass will be celebrated each day at Saint Andrew Church, one of the sacred art and architecture treasures of Southern California, and we are very pleased to announce that our closing Mass will mark the Los Angeles premiere of Frank La Rocca’s Mass of the Americas. Frank will be joining us for the Mass and will say a few introductory words.

We will expand on the live contributions of each conference with additional contributions and supplemental resources, and produce one volume of the Adeodatus Handbook on Catholic Education & Culture for each year.

Having gathered the collective wisdom of hundreds of educators by the end of our conference cycle, we will then publish a manifesto on the future of Catholic education in America.

And all along the way, we will foster a live and online community of educators sharing their love of Catholic liberal education and culture with one another.

We will support that online community of friends with many new resources each year, building a substantial library of resources over time.

We hope you will join us in this great renewal!

Please contact Alex@Adeodatus.com with any questions.

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Conference Schedule

The Very Reverend Dom Elias Carr

Catherine Neumayr, Head of School, St. Joseph Catholic Academy, St. Joseph, MO.

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